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The Teles Story

Why Teles?

When we first opened our doors in November 2007, the mortgage crisis was beginning to unfold and signs of a downturn in real estate were all around us. The most common question we were asked is, “Why would anyone open a real estate company right now?” Well, we knew the timing was absolutely perfect. We anticipated big changes in the real estate industry as big companies had become too vast and impersonal. It was time to present a high-end boutique unlike any other. We planned to attack the status quo on all fronts, using our experience and energy to make our goals a reality. Through our unrivaled agent support, we enabled Teles agents to provide clients with an extraordinary level of service and professionalism. Finally, we knew our directed use of technology would give us a tremendous advantage. Why Teles? Because we have created a whole new dimension in luxury real estate that is destined to lead the industry well into the future.

Challenging The Status Quo.

Every minute of every day, we think, we create, we commit and we execute. We are passionate about redefining the real estate experience for our clientele. We don’t try to be different as a novelty. We act with a purpose of genuine advancement, with actual improvement and measurable results. Teles does not follow trends, we set them. We lead the entire industry by challenging the status quo and improving the overall real estate experience every step of the way.

Purpose. Passion. Plan.

Teles Properties was formed to create a dynamic partnership between client, agent and company – a partnership with a purpose unlike any other. Through this interactive relationship, we raise the client experience to a new level of unparalleled service. This is our passion. To guarantee outstanding service to our agents who then provide top performance to our sellers and buyers. Teles Properties – Reimagining the real estate experience.

There are leaders. Then there are those who lead.

Leaders may hold positions of power, but those who lead truly inspire. With more than 150 years of combined experience in real estate and its adjoining professions, the principals of Teles Properties inspire the real estate industry to look to the future and embrace it’s potential. One principal is an acclaimed international attorney. Another, a highly respected real estate leader. Also on the team, are a finance and mortgage expert and a technology entrepreneur turned Wall Street banker. Together, with our experienced agents, research experts, marketing specialists, and technology leaders, we create the industry’s most formidable and experienced brain trust.

Peter Loewy
Chairman & CEO, International Attorney

“With our diverse executive team, combined with the unsurpassed talent of our agents, Teles Properties is taking luxury real estate beyond the 21st Century.”

“I personally have been on all sides of real estate transactions – as an investor, as an advisor and general counsel, as a syndicator and developer. In expanding Teles Properties, I looked to my roots in the Silicon Valley and took inspiration from such progressive companies as Apple, Facebook and Google. We always ask ourselves what hasn’t been tried? Why hasn’t it been tried? Could it make the experience better? We continue to expand into every aspect of real estate, including research, analytics, marketing, escrow and finance. Through this growth, our clients benefit from the ease of one-stop-shopping. Teles continues to mature and prosper, and we will continue to be an industry leader for generations to come.”

Peter Hernandez
President & Broker of Record, Real Estate Industry Leader

“I wake up every day and look forward to challenging the status quo of real estate brokerage.”

Hernandez, who has more than 41 years of experience in the industry says, “I search for and create new ways to improve the experience, to shake it up, to refine our practices in such a way that our clients and agents know they are receiving superior service. Real estate is a person’s largest investment, and we work to protect that investment. Teles Properties utilizes unrivaled technology and adds a human overlay to redefine the industry; we give our agents all of the tools necessary so they can devote maximum time to clientele; we offer leadership, marketing and services to Teles agents at a time when other companies are scaling back. In short, I view luxury real estate as an art and strive to ensure that every medium is available at Teles.”

Sharran Srivatasaa
President & Chief Innovation Officer, Technology Entrepreneur and Wall Street Banker

“We have built a fantastic platform and collaborative culture for our agents, which creates countless advantages for our clients.”

“We push the envelope on innovation, offer an integrated world-class coaching program, have a laser-focus on micromarkets, and are constantly building new tools and systems for our agent community,” says Srivatasa. “By taking an analytical and research-driven approach to understanding the micromarket environment, we give agents the edge in property valuation and customized marketing, delivering top-notch value to our sellers and buyers. Our management team boasts a diversity of backgrounds that blends real estate experience with business experience. Our entire team consistently challenges the expectation of service from traditional real estate brokerages to establish a revolutionary new business model. That is what we have achieved at Teles.”

Bill Grasska
President of Affiliates, Finance Expert

“The world of real estate inspires me because it is the single most important aspect of our economy.”

“Real estate and home ownership are at the very core of the American Dream,” says Grasska. “We are driven with passion to be proactive in the execution of our business plan and we work to be at the leading edge of the technological revolution. At Riviera Financial and Portfolio Escrow, we believe that our clientele deserve a superior customer experience so we continually seek out new efficiencies. ‘Good’ isn’t good enough anymore – we demand excellence every step of the way. With unyielding care, attention to detail and planning, Teles Properties provides the ultimate selling and buying experiences from the moment we meet a client to well beyond the close of escrow.”