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Teles 2017 Real Estate Market Outlook

Can You Outthink the Market?

1. Housing Market Normalization:
Healthy transactions with more pricing stability.

2. Rising Interest Rate Landscape:
Interest rates rise and begin to reduce buyer purchasing power.

3. Converging demographics Prime the Engine:
Millennials and Boomers begin to dominate the real estate consumer landscape..

4. Lack of Affordability Drives New Growth Markets:
Priced-out buyers will unlock value in new geographic markets.

5. Rent v. Buy – Analysis Paralysis:
Steady rents and historically low rates will force buyers to get off the fence.

6. Wildcard – Trump:
Can the US remain a “flight to quality” under Trump and a volatile geopolitical landscape?


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January 2017 Micro Market Report

We track the key drivers from each of our micro market areas throughout California and compile it into a monthly snapshot for our clients. Review your neighborhood statistics or download the current and past reports.

View the Los Angeles County Report

View the Orange County Report

View the Santa Barbara County Report

View the Monterey County Report

View the Riverside County Report

View the San Diego County Report


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