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The Teles Foundation Gives Back: The Union Rescue Mission Toiletry Drive


The Teles Foundation knows firsthand that small actions can have large consequences.

Launched in 2012 after beloved Teles team member Angela Mozart was fatally injured in a two car collision while she was on her daily bike ride, the Teles Foundation has made it it’s mission to have a positive impact on it’s local community. Supporting organizations and charitable initiatives in Southern California, few foundations are better positioned to change lives than one begun at Teles Properties, a real estate company that already has deep roots and a strong concern for the place it does business and, even more importantly, calls home.

In the past, the Teles Foundation has participated in charitable activities like the Adopt A Family initiative, focusing efforts on one small family to make a big difference. This year, as part of the foundation’s holiday charity work, the decision was made to cast a wider net and touch even more loves than before. A very successful drive was taken up to donate much needed toiletries to the homeless through downtown Los Angeles charity Union Rescue Mission, an organization focused on getting the homeless back on their feet.

Teles Director of Operations Sunny Magner spearheaded the effort, crediting Chief Operations Officer Evan Ageloff with an assist in making the idea a reality.

“We felt that a toiletry drive would be a great way for the Teles Foundation to make a big impact for so many in a short amount of time,” said Magner “I wanted to focus our efforts on collecting items that are harder for local non-profits to obtain or access. It’s common to see canned food drives or toy drives, which is wonderful, but I wanted to focus on basic everyday essentials that we tend to take for granted – toiletries.”

As a result of Magner’s efforts, Teles came together to give. The drive collected more than one hundred toothbrushes, bars of soap and even much needed clothing items like jackets. The Teles Foundation also collected shampoo, toothpaste, tampons, hand sanitizer and more.

Magner was proud of the fact that collecting these personal items made a personal difference, not only for their recipients, but for her. “I have always wanted to spearhead such an effort and am passionate about giving back to my local community,” she said, adding “I found this experience to be especially fulfilling on a personal level.”
union rescue mission
As the Teles Foundation makes plans to do more charitable giving in the future, it can look back on Magner’s successful toiletry drive as proof positive of it’s founding principle: the warmth and charitable spirit of a small group can make a big difference in the lives of many.