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Teles Cofounder Ernie Carswell Reps Regis Philbin in Condo Buy

Erine Carswell, recently featured in the LA Times for representing Regis and Joyce Philbin in a $2.5 million Beverly Hills condo purchase, has a reputation for moving the earth for his clients. Toward the beginning of his career, he once did literally exactly that. Additionally, the listing was featured as a Hot Property in the Daily Pilot.

Carswell, a South Carolina native, got his start in Dallas, showing up in the early 80’s just as the oil crisis was causing the housing market to plummet. After making a successful go of it despite the crisis, Carswell next moved to New York, showing up just in time for the stock market crash of 1987. Undeterred, Carswell nevertheless made it work for three years, before he moved again. This time, it was to Southern California, and the young agent found himself navigating an early 90’s recession as well as the aftermath of a massive Beverly Hills earthquake.

Carswell was a cofounding member of Teles back in 2007 which incidentally, was around the time he made the acquaintance of one Regis Philbin. In a segment for the Today Show, Carswell led the television host and his wife around their old Los Angeles home which the current owners put back on the market.

The agent had a special flair for handling high profile clients. No matter how high profile the client, however, Carswell says that “Everyone gets the celebrity treatment with me.” What does that mean? Personalized attention, whether you’re a Regis or a recent college grad.