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Teles Agents Rep Stunning $15k Rental with Incredible Museum World Pedigree

The Los Angeles Times recently profiled this freshly available three bedroom, $15k rental as a hot property. Represented by Teles Agents Steve Dubin and Ernie Carswell, the property is owned by Maurice Tuchamn, the aforementioned curator emeritus at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. If that weren’t enough design cred for you, the estate, high atop a hill overlooking Runyon Canyon at 2210 Astral Drive was designed by museum architect Brent Saville.

The nearly 5600 square foot space is said to “draw inspiration from the superellipse,” and certainly does appear to have all the hallmarks of a Saville home. The house could well be a museum itself, dominated by neat white lines and gently arcing curves. Views are everything here, and that starts from the moment one enters the home via a glass lined breezeway offering simultaneous views of the interior and exterior.

Both the expansive dining room and deck overlook the city, the swimming pool overlooks the canyon, and the master bedroom overlooks all of it. Inside, when one isn’t admiring the setting, the gallery walls offer up a collection that only three decades of curation at LACMA could cultivate. And be careful with those pieces: you’re going to want your security deposit back.

Ernie Carswell was recently profiled by this blog and has a long history of successful dealings with high profile clients. Steve Dubin has been building his own homes from scratch since he was 25, and has both a musical and philosophical approach to buildings and homes, quoting Goethe to say ““Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.” 

Most appropriate for a home as steeped in art and art history as this one.