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Teles Agent Helps His Community Replace Hate with Love

Rod Aragon has always cared deeply about the communities he represents.

That came through recently when the Teles agent discovered some offensive graffiti on his home turf in the Pacific Palisades. On a recent Sunday, Aragon discovered that someone had vandalized the sidewalk in front of Pacific Palisades High School with a racist message. The letters ‘KKK’ had been spray painted on the ground.

“My first thought,” Aragon told CBS Los Angeles, “was this needs to be covered up.”

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Watch the video of Rod Aragon speaking to CBS Los Angeles here.

Aragon charged to the local hardware store to buy concrete matching paint, discovering several other racist messages on the way. Having covered them up, the local news weren’t the only ones to take notice. Others in the community were inspired to go even further, adding the simple message “Love,” to the now covered messages of hate.

“I thought that was really nice (that someone added love),” he said.

Adding love runs in Aragon’s family. The California native is a 3rd generation real estate broker. His grandparents and parents sold homes, and Aragon himself went into the family business at the age of 21. And his passion has served him well. For the past three years running, Aragon has ranked in top 3% of California realtors by volume sold.

On top of that, Aragon has raised thousands of dollars for local charities. All of that love for community is a Teles hallmark. Rod Aragon encapsulated that love perfectly when he took action into his own hands on Sunday.

“It’s just not acceptable,” Aragon told the news. “We live in a beautiful community. I think right now we’re at a point where we have to take action on the obvious; it’s very important, and we all owe it to each other.”