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Sharran Srivatsaa Knows that Being Rich Isn't About how Much You Make

The first thing that Sharran Srivatsaa tells you is that he’s not a financial advisor – and then he starts with the financial advice. If anyone should know, though, it’s Srivatsaa. Currently serving as the president of Teles Properties, he’s worked at both Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse on investment advisory and corporate strategy. There’s no one person at Teles more perfectly poised to host a workshop specifically designed for real estate professionals.

And that’s exactly what Srivatsaa did – twice – earlier this February. Srivatsaa ran his The Millionaire Agent workshop in both Santa Barbara and in Beverly Hills, each at the Board of Realtors. Both events were extremely well attended, and it wasn’t because they’re inexpensive. These events don’t exist as a money mill for Srivatsaa, either: event attendance benefits the Teles Foundation, just one of the ways Srivatsaa likes to give back.

In fact, that’s one of the core, principal ideas he teaches in the workshop. Far beyond a simple wealth building seminar, Srivatsaa believes that a key component to personal financial success is in philanthropy.  To Srivatsaa, an investment in both others and self help grow a person financially, “because no one goes broke giving back,” Srivatsaa says.

The Millionaire Agent workshop also teaches that you only have to get rich once, and once you’re there, it’s not how much you make, but how much you keep. Srivatsaa says he’s seen a lot of rags to riches stories in his time, but “unfortunately, a lot of riches back to rags.”

Far from a simple, feel good, empty message workshop, the ideas that Srivatsaa espouses here are real and actionable. And while the workshop is about personal wealth building, Ellen Conrad, a Teles agent in the Brentwood office, finds that it helps her professionally as well. “Because I have this framework I can approach my business with professionalism,” says Conrad. “I have come to understand money so when talking to clients in finance I actually can participate in the conversation or ask appropriate questions.”

Keep an eye on the Millionaire Agent Series page for information about future workshops.