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Listing Spotlight: The Argonaut Takes Notice of Teles Agent Stephanie Younger

If there’s anyone who knows Westchester, it’s Stephanie Younger.

The Los Angeles native has made the community her home, and her family has deep roots here as well: her playwright husband is an English professor at local Loyola Marymount University, and Younger is an alum herself. Her long association with the neighborhood has allowed her to specialize in it and in nearby areas like Playa Del Rey, Playa Vista and Marina Del Rey.

It’s that sort of deep commitment to the knowledge of a place that makes Younger a great fit for Teles. It goes deeper than knowing the ins and outs of a neighborhood, though. As Younger herself explains, it’s “all about getting the details right. That means understanding the client’s needs and hopes – and a major part of my job is to streamline communication and relieve anxiety by triple- checking the “small stuff’.”

Local west side publication The Argonaut has taken notice of Younger’s commitment to detail. In a recent writeup earlier this month, the paper called the contemporary home she represents “stunning.” And well they should. The builders may well have taken their cue from Younger’s approach and overlooked no detail.

The modern Mediterranean, at 6532 West 85th Place approaches 2700 square feet on a 7000 foot lot. In that space, one can find five bedrooms and three baths, one of them a second floor master suite with a walk in closet and walk in shower and a porch -which, of course, you can walk on, if not in – overlooking the backyard.

Which itself has an outdoor kitchen on the patio and is perfect for entertaining. That is, if you aren’t using your gourmet indoor kitchen.

It’s fairly even odds that you may decide to skip cooking that night. Westchester is a hidden gem with plenty of great dining options. Nearby Ayara Thai serves up Thai food that matches anything you can find in east Hollywood, without the drive. Visitation School hosts a huge food truck night during the summer, featuring cheap drinks and incredible trucks like the Lobsta Truck, while the Westchester Food Trucks at the Triangle meet once a month year round.

If you need something with a bit more seating and less standing on the street, the Whole Foods at Playa Vista Runway has a bar and restaurant with nightly specials. Tuesday is, of course, Taco Tuesday, and you can score yourself five tacos and a beer for just ten bucks during happy hour.