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Listing Spotlight: Spacious, Stylish Privacy in the Best of Santa Monica

Some properties know how to make a first impression.

This listing, at 507 11th Street in Santa Monica, charms from the sidewalk, and that’s before one even looks up at the house. The entryway can be found by walking through a beautifully arranged garden of succulents, meticulously lit and bathed in golden light. The curb appeal doesn’t end there. Iron bars and studs frame a wide, heavy oak door, suggesting something of a fortress. Given the privacy to be found here, it may be more than a mere suggestion.

Represented by Teles agent Ellen Conrad, the nearly 7500 square foot estate certainly is castle-like. Tall walls line the property, which includes a great amount of outdoor green space overlooked by several decks. A sense of quiet and serenity pervades even the pictures of the space, much less the yard itself. Despite the walls, sunlight pours in from all directions, both inside and out, aided by the natural flow and floor plan that, as Conrad says creates that sense of “indoor/outdoor living that we so love in Santa Monica.”

The video that accompanies the listing is an amazing amalgam of steadicam and drone photography that captures the beauty of the four bed, three bath, 3800 square foot structure perfectly. One can imagine walking the sunny halls here, surrounded by gleaming modern fixtures, walk in showers, and dark wood, embedded in a backdrop of crisp white, a suggestion of Castilian architecture punctuated here and there by the bright and colorful vibrancy of Santa Monica.

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The home aside, one would be hard pressed to find a better location in Santa Monica. In the desirable, less dense area north of Montana, the home nevertheless is a fewer than 10 minute walk to the best that the beach side community has to offer. Leaving the front door, one could be ordering some of the best burgers that the Southern California region has to offer at institution Father’s Office. If, for some unfathomable reason, one were avoiding craft beer and amazing burgers, the polar opposite of that can be found across the street at Kreation, an organic juicery and smoothie shop. Staying home? There’s plenty of local options for delivery, including superior pizza joint Dagwoods, where the Woody’s Special, with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and white onion, is a particular favorite.

The rest of the best that Montana is known for is represented here as well with dozens of boutiques and galleries within a few blocks in either direction. Perhaps best of all, a short walk to the west brings one to Palisades Park, where nature tends to provide a beautiful show as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean. The exact time of the show varies, but admission is always free.

And if anyone knows about forces of nature, it’s Ellen Conrad. A 20+ year veteran of the industry, Conrad began her career as a teacher but found that her passions for people and business drew her to real estate. Her success resting on her reputation, Conrad says that she’s built her career on a foundation of “honesty, openness, thoroughness and independence.”

It’s those same values that led Conrad to Teles, which led her to this amazing home, and will ultimately lead a very lucky king or queen to call this place their castle.