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Listing Spotlight: A Block From the Beach at The Edge of the World

Venice has seen a good deal of change in it’s hundred and ten year history, though the essential qualities of what makes the city Venice hasn’t much changed. Started as a resort town for leisure in 1905, Venice is still a place where people come to enjoy themselves, and the way they do it hasn’t changed much either. A quick search for vintage photos of the city reveals┬áthat the iconic image of bikini-clad women rollerskating down the boardwalk spans several decades and shows no signs of slowing down.

One thing that does change in Venice are the homes. Single story bungalows have given way to luxury homes are average resident income increases. One spectacular example of the new Venice, if we do say so ourselves, is the recently sold multi-level single family residence at 47 Brooks Avenue.

Built in 2009, the home represents an example of the great work of Jim Schmidt Architecture. The hallmarks of their work are represented here. Floor to ceiling windows flood the space with natural, diffuse sunlight. A combination of industrial and organic vibes mix via polished concrete floors and carefully manicured terrariums. The rooftop deck is a perfect place to get a peek at the Pacific, the beach being only one block away.

Location has always been an integral part of the appeal of Venice. Not only does this home offer proximity to the ocean, but it’s walking distance to everything that makes classic Venice, well, classic. A quick walk to the west brings you to the dedicated boardwalk drum circle, always a crowd pleaser to those out of town guests. Sauntering south down Pacific brings you to the traffic circle and a variety of options, from the fresh fish at Hama Sushi to the vegan options at Seed Kitchen. Street savvy residents know to be on guard, though, as things can go from Seed to seedy pretty quickly depending on which part of Venice one ventures into.

And that’s one last thing that stays the same as Venice changes around it. Perched on the literal edge of Los Angeles, the little city has itself always had a bit of an edge that gives it a sense of adventure and appeal. No matter how much Venice changes, hopefully it never loses its sense of mischief.

47 Brooks Avenue was represented by Teles agents Karen Nation and Carol Whitley.