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Guest Speakers at Teles Montecito Share Expertise – and the Teles Spirit

The offices of Teles in Montecito got a bit of a treat earlier this month as two guest speakers stopped by to share what they know – and to learn a bit themselves.

The Montecito office, near Santa Barbara, is packed with experienced Teles agents who know their market well. Bringing them a sense of fresh outside perspective was Brentwood’s own Alison Betts. Betts was recently featured in this blog for lending her expertise on the rising Malibu luxury rental market to the Wall Street Journal.

In addition to knowing her home markets well, Betts has a bit more wisdom to share. And a few weeks ago she brought that knowledge to the Montecito office. The managing director of the Montecito office, Karen Greensweig sees her role as manager in part ““to provide my fellow agents with the resources they need to offer their clients exceptional service – to be involved in educating, preparing and guiding them, showing respect for all and helping to raise the ethical practices and standards of our industry.”

And that’s exactly what Betts brought when she headed up for a visit. Greensweig explains “The highlights included tips from Alison on how she researches and prepares before meeting with prospective clients.” Betts added that it was “such a great meeting with the Montecito agents. Very open conversation with such an innovative group of people. It was a great learning opportunity for everyone.” Asked for a run down of what the meeting entailed, Betts says that she “explained to agents how to utilize the Teles Platform and how it sets us above our competition, because it gives Teles agents the ability to service our clients at such an elevated level.”

Alison Betts wasn’t the only speaker to head to Montecito this month. Last Friday, Eli Karon headed up to share his views. Karon focuses on marketing, but he also knows that successful selling is about much more than simply presenting a property in an attractive way. ““People are at the heart of every transaction,” he says. “In this market, the rules may have changed, but buyers and sellers are still the same: they need someone who understands the rules and who will listen, explain and help them reach their goals as smoothly as possible.”

And that was part of what Karon touched on in his presentation to Montecito. “We covered how to guide a seller through the presentation incorporating useful statistics, information about our International Gateway network, and showing live demonstrations of our robust and proprietary technology platform,” says Karon. “My big takeaway from the presentation was that our culture of collaboration at Teles is unparalleled in the industry, and is something that I do NOT take for granted.”

That last bit, about people and the culture of collaboration: that’s the Teles spirit. Whether it’s one branch office sending a speaker to another to share their expertise, or bringing the full resources of the company to bear to find the right match for a buyer, that’s exactly what Teles does. A recognition that everyone benefits from a group effort is just one more part of what makes a company like Teles successful at what it does.