A dynamic, energetic, top-producing agent, Marny Maslon is tenacious in her representation of her clients and dedicated to protecting their interests. Not surprisingly, she is widely admired for her warmth, guidance, knowledge, patience, perseverance and integrity.
Marny’s skillful handling of complex transactions is enhanced by her personal and professional background, which combines both visual and technical training and sensibilities. In addition to owning and managing income properties, she attended business school, is a Certified Public Accountant, studied photography at Art Center and had her own home furnishing and interior design stores. Each of these skills and experiences have contributed to her exceptionally successful real estate career.
Having grown up in Los Angeles in architecturally significant homes designed by Thornton Abell and Richard Neutra, and having raised 3 children here, Marny has a native’s familiarity and an intimate knowledge of L.A.’s neighborhoods. She has a well-trained eye as well as superb knowledge of architecture, style and interior design.
“The client’s needs are foremost,” Marny says. “People have different priorities in life. Everything has to be taken into consideration when they’re buying or selling. I work very hard to come up with creative solutions-“to help my clients achieve their goals.”  Intuitive, articulate–“and fun-loving–“Marny is diligent in her searches and skillful in her negotiations.
“I love working with people,” she adds, “I like being a part of such a big decision and I like feeling that I’m providing an important service–“that I can be a trusted friend and a respected advisor.” To learn more about Marny Maslon’s eye for detail and flair for service, contact her today.


Marny Maslon helped us to sell our home today. We have lived in this house for 30 years and raised our family here. We sold our house because we want to liquefy our assets for investment in order to retire. So between the sweet memories of having lived in this house and our apprehension about our future finances, this sale was a minefield of conflicting feelings.

Marny mad this difficult process as easy as it could have possibly been. I met her while she was sitting on another broker’s open house. Her enthusiasm, professionalism, warm personality, and caring attitude were immediately evident.

After we signed the listing agreement, she took the ball and ran with it.
- She listened empathetically to our concerns and objectives.
- She gave extensive information about current sales trends.
- She gave us excellent advice about establishing a price.
- She marketed our house quickly, aggressively, and effectively. (We got six offers and sold the house in a week.)
- She demonstrated very savvy negotiating skills during the sale and guided us calmly in making decisions with which we were happy. (We sold our home to a buyer who will really appreciate the house, at a price we were comfortable with, and with a deal that we have every confidence will be consummated within a month.)
- She was available by phone and responded quickly.
- She handled all the paperwork efficiently.
- She consistently adhered to the highest ethical and professional standards.
- She collaborated very well to other brokers during the marketing and negotiating processes.

My husband and I could not be happier with the services she provided. She said to us, “I won’t let you down.” In this case, her word was truly her bond. As I am certain you are aware, she is an asset to her customers, to your firm, and to the community.
~ Martha Benoff - Brentwood
Marny Maslon made a world of difference in our move from northern to southern California. After just a few conversations and a couple of visits to properties, she completely understood what we were looking for in a house and community. She listened to us and worked diligently to find us just the right place. Once we did find our home (which we did quickly thanks to Marny), she was on top of every detail regarding the purchase. She has also been a precious resource for us in a new town, providing much needed information on everything from painters to pediatricians. Marny really takes her clients’ needs and interests to heart. We feel very lucky to have found her! ~ Nancy Bloch & David Palestrant
Here's what I think about Marny Maslon: she's sensational. Both as a real estate agent and as a person. And those two qualities don't always go together. More importantly, I'm writing these words from the patio of my beautiful condo in Santa Monica because of Marny. It wasn't easy. First, she had to find a place that fit my many needs. And I had a lot of needs. The right location, the right view, the right size -- it had to be the right everything or I just wasn't going to make an offer. But Marny was patient, always enthusiastic and energetic, and even though I came close to throwing in the towel a few times, she never gave up. And then she found it. Perfection. Except for one problem. After the first open house, the condo had ten offers. I was despondent, ready to walk away. How could I compete with ten offers, three of them all cash? But Marny didn't flinch. She didn't just write an offer, she shaped it, honed it, positioned it, molded it into an offer that the seller just couldn't ignore. Somehow, and I'm still not quite sure how, Marny got me to the front of the line. And here I am. On my Santa Monica patio. Something else about Marny: she's a pro, a real pro. Over the years I've met a lot of people who seem to float around the edges of the real estate business, dabbling in it, dropping in and out whenever it suits them. But Marny truly loves what she does. As soon as you meet her you can tell that real estate is her business and also her passion. She knows the market inside and out, she knows the financial angles and she's creative. If there's a deal to be made, she'll get it done. But if you're Marny's client you already know these things. And if you're not, but you're looking for someone -- whether you're buying or selling -- to represent you with enthusiasm, intelligence and integrity, you'll be taking a great first step by using Marny Maslon. ~ Paul P. Santa Monica Ca.
Thank you so much (again) for helping us sell our LA home! While it came with MANY unforeseen obstacles, your dedication, professionalism, and honesty were unwavering. For that, we are so greatful! Our only regret is not finding you sooner. It has been the start of a wonderful year as well as a new chapter in our lives. We wouldn’t be here without you and your Teles team. ~ Brie and Antonio Almena
Marny is fantastic! She did such an amazing job on my listing, gave me fantastic advise, worked super hard and got my place sold extremely quickly and for more than I was hoping for in my wildest dreams. She’s a miracle worker! ~ Rebecca G.- Playa Del Rey
Marny has been our real estate agent several times both as buyers and sellers; I would never rely on anyone else! She represented us when we bought our ocean-view condo in Santa Monica (and it was a “real” ocean view, not a sliver of blue that you need to twist yourself into a pretzel to see!). We were bidding against another motivated buyer and Marny worked all the angles with both the seller and the seller’s agent and guided us to success, as we got the condo. A few years later, we found a nicer condo in the same building that was just going on the market. Marny prepped that condo with a stager, painter, and carpet cleaner, etc (all very reasonably priced) and sold the condo within a week! She is aggressive, she is savvy, she has a great eye, she tells you the truth and last but not least, she is fun to hang with! I heartily recommend Marny to anyone looking to buy or sell on the Westside of LA. You will thank me. ~ Gary L.- Santa Monica
Marny Maslon has been our realtor for the past year. From our initial meeting with her, she listened to our concerns and expectations. She gave us her professional opinions and we worked together to sell our home. Our home sale was a lengthy procedure. The housing market was declining and Marny encouraged us to take the right steps to make the sale. We had frequent open houses, realtor opens and private showings. Marny was always prompt and ready for business. Every associate that sat at our open houses was equally as professional and congenial. Marny's positive attitude, strong work ethic and high moral standards set her apart from the crowd. She has become a friend who was at all times looking out for our best interest. We want to thank Marny and her associates for a job well done. ~ Helen Stringos-Arias & Jerry Arias-Culver City
How hard could it be to find my dream home? Without the right Agent, dreams can quickly turn into nightmares… It took me almost a year to find the right house and the right Agent. Before I met Marny Maslon, I had worked with a number of different Agents that did their best to find me a property. I drove to endless open houses and brokers opens. We made offers on houses that turned into bidding wars. I was burned out and frustrated and all the Agents I worked with told me that I was asking for the impossible in a seller’s market --a house on the Westside (close to the beach) that I could buy with a VA mortgage for under a million dollars. I was advised to settle for a condo, or find a property that no one else wanted … with airplanes flying overhead … or adjacent to a freeway. Bottom line -- I wasted a lot of precious time and after a year, was no closer to finding a house. The market was spiraling up and every house I bid on had multiple offers. Marny did the impossible. She found me a fabulous house on the Westside with ocean breezes (and a great lot) with my VA mortgage for under a million dollars in a sellers market. She was by my side through the entire process, running out to see houses when I called; counseling me on potential properties and helping me stay within in my price range. She took control, and in a matter of weeks, found me the perfect house and won a bidding war over 12 other offers. She succeeded because she understood exactly what I wanted, has a thorough knowledge of the real estate market and is brilliant at negotiating and writing deals. We won the first house we bid on. After our offer was accepted, she acted swiftly to complete the inspections and remove contingencies. She renegotiated the price and got a substantial reduction for repairs. Marny is impressive. She’s smart, focused and professional. Her vast experience comes into play when she’s negotiating a deal and closing a transaction. She’s honest and open and seems to get along with everyone. She’s a creative dealmaker. She doesn’t just find you a house, she attends to every detail of the transaction from start to finish, the contract, inspections, negotiations, financing, escrow and closing. I could not have achieved my goals without the help of this exceptional woman and talented Agent. Once she sinks here teeth into a deal, she doesn’t let up. I want her on my side – buying or selling. She’s just so smart, good at what she does, is hardworking, caring, diligent, always returns calls and has great taste. Thanks Marny for turning my nightmare into a dream! ~ Deb Strichartz