With a huge following in Santa Monica, Brentwood and Pacific Palisades and expertise that spans over 20 years and thousands of transactions, Ellen Conrad is not only a household name but a force of nature in the Westside real estate industry.

During that time, which includes some of the best and the worst market conditions ever seen in the region, Ellen Conrad’s business has thrived and grown. Her secret? Ellen’s sterling reputation is built on honesty, openness, thoroughness and independence. She freely discloses information to her clients that could have a bearing on the sale or purchase of their property and consistently maintains the highest standards of ethics and fairness. Ellen helps her clients to understand all of the factors involved at every step of the process and clearly outlines the pros and cons of any position a client might wish to take. She diligently researches every aspect of a property and transaction to ensure that her clients make the most informed decisions possible, negotiates astutely on their behalf, then executes the closure flawlessly. Plus, Ellen has the independence and insight to focus on what’s really important in selecting a home: a refreshingly candid, savvy and down-to-earth approach to service that yields generations of satisfied, loyal customers.

An early interest in teaching led Ellen to earn her Bachelor of Science in Education from State University of New York at Buffalo and a California teaching credential. But soon her passion for people and business took over. Today she represents clients in all types of sale, purchase and investment transactions, from first homes to luxury estates and vacation properties. She is well versed in financing, investment strategies, the title process, and structuring of complex transactions and exchanges.

In addition to her work with clients, Ellen lives and works in Santa Monica and is involved with fundraising and volunteer activities for local schools and charitable organizations. Year after year, Ellen Conrad achieves consistent, award-winning top producer status along with the respect of her clients, her neighbors and her peers.

For more information, please visit: ellenconrad.com